Biyang BY09WY Noiseless Adaptor

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Biyang BY09WY NOISELESS Adaptor delivers 9v DC at up to 400mA with in built daisy chain.

The Biyang BY09WY Noiseless Adaptor is a switch-mode DC regulated and smoothed for BIYANG guitar effects pedals and other brands 9v equipments.

The Biyang BY09WY Noiseless Adaptor regulated power supply converter converts SG mains voltage to DC 9v for most guitar and bass guitar effects pedals, stomp boxes. The voltage and current are constant with ZERO hum.

A DC power supply with ZERO hum is essential for guitar effects pedals, especially distortion pedals.

Most guitar effects pedals only require a small current so several pedals can be used with only one Biyang BY09WY Noiseless Adaptor.

The Biyang BY09WY Noiseless Adaptor specifications:

  • Input voltage: 160-240v AC 50/60hz
  • Output voltage: 9v DC 400mA regulated
  • Output connector polarity: centre female socket negative (-) and outside positive (+)