Hex P100 Acoustic Guitar

SGD 299.00
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  • Parlor body

  • Sitka spruce top

  • African sapele back and side

  • Rosewood head top

  • Honeycomb-shaped bridge plate

  • Multiple binding with rounded edge

  • Brown pearl rosette

  • PPS nut and saddle

  • Gigbag of premium quality


The parlor body is more slender than the orchestra body type, and is made with a sitka spruce top and a African sapele backside. Compared to the dreadnought body style, the mid-low tones of the parlor are nearly 60~70% milder, making it perfect for enjoying indoors, and its smaller size is ideal for those often on the move. Using a vacuum press and natural drying methods to construct the top-piece and assemble the body allows for a more flexible resonance from the sound-table. (Although heat-drying and hot-press methods expedite the building process, they cause the adhesives to harden, interfering with the wood’s natural resonant qualities.) “Fullest sound for the price, guaranteed.”

Body Detailing

The black and ivory binding that ornaments the contour of the sound-table creates a nicely rounded edge for comfortable arm movement while playing. In addition to the backside binding and spine embelleshment, six beautiful concentric circles made from actual brown pearl are inlayed into the rosette by hand using traditional methods. The soundhole edge is finished with a tough ABS, improving sound projection while adding to the instrument’s aesthetic appeal.


The Indonesian mahogany used in the neck is thoroughly dried to a particular moisture content level prior to processing as to reduce warping caused by changing humidity. The neck profile is scaled to the highly preferred standard-C setting.


The 25 1/2 inches scale fingerboard with a standard curvature of 16” is made from hard rosewood that is highly veined due to its sap content. Extremely precise scaling machines are used to ensure each fret produces accurate tones, and extra attention is given to minimize the occurrence of flaws during production.


The nut is made from highly heat-resistant poly-phenylene sulfide(PPS), otherwise known as man-made ivory. Because its durability and thermostability are increased through a high-pressure and high-heat manufacturing process, the balanced performance of PPS exceeds natural ivory in terms of both its density and hardness–the end result being a highly increased sustain.


The rosewood top affixed to the head contributes to the instrument’s aesthetic quality while helping to improve sustain, and in concert with the binding gives off a feeling of luxury. The 15:1 gear ratio die-cast head machines allow for precise tuning.


High quality rosewood is used for the bridge, which does the job of transferring the vibration of the strings to the sound table. The saddle is made from the same PPS material as the nut, and the bridge pins finished in black ABS are engraved with individual white dots.

Bridge Plate

Just beneath the bridge on the underside of the sound table is a discreetly affixed honeycomb-shaped rosewood bridge plate. Because the hexagonal structure reduces weight while reinforcing the sturdiness of the instrument, it contributes to elongating the time of sustained vibration from the sound table. Additionally, this unique bridge plate assists in balancing the whole sound of the instrument, maintaining it’s tonal character.


The included gig-bag made from thick foam and moisture resistant outer-material protects the guitar from collisions and contaminants. Its refined design and premium fabric make for both superior performance and appearance.