M.Tyler STE-ST100FM TBL Flame Maple Top TRANS BLUE Electric Guitar Starter Package

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M.Tyler Electric Guitar STE-ST100 FM Guitar Starter Package

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Comes with:

M.Tyler Electric Guitar STE-ST100 FM
15 Watts Electric Guitar Amplifier
Gig Bag

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M.Tyler Electric Guitar is completely designed by M.Tyler Singapore to provide the best quality yet affordable price. Balancing between quality and price range, M.Tyler Guitars is the choice.

In M.Tyler Singapore, we put in effort in designing every little details of the guitar. For example, the exclusive headstock was design by us which is only available with M.Tyler electric guitars. 

STE-ST100 models uses quality combination of wood to build this guitar. Having an Alder body with Flamed Maple top, it has a full midrange with good harmonic content to remain clear. It also retains a certain amount of sustain in this guitar.

After much research and testing, single coils Ceramic pickups was selected for this combination. This allows clean twangy sound when strummed.

Afraid of noise when handling a overdrive? Do not fret because this 5 way selector swtich allows a humbucker combition on the 2nd and 4th position. Designed with 2 Tone, 1 Volume pots allows you to control the amount of trebles and bass coming out to your amplifier.

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Body: Flamed Maple top with Alder body

Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Machine Head: Die Cast
Pickups: Ceramic Single coils
Electronics: 5 way selector with 2 Tone, 1 Volume pots