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Modtone Power Plant

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The ModTone Power Plant features a toroidal transformer with eight isolated outputs.
Five outputs are switch able from 9vdc to 12vdc, two
feature SAG controls to go from 4v-9vdc, and the last is a 9vAC output.

The Power Plant is designed to be used in conjunction with almost any pedal you can put on your pedal-board.
Each output is isolated and designed to
operate without adding any noise to your signal path.

Your Power Plant box should contain the following:

Power Plant unit

AC power cord

DC Power cables:

5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors (6)

5.5x2.5mm “red” barrel (1)

3.5mm mini plug (1)

9V battery snap (1)

1. AC auxiliary. This is a courtesy AC outlet for convenient powering of AC powered effects or a MIDI foot controller.
Do NOT plug in your amp here!

2. Voltage selector DIP switches. These switches select the output voltage.
Switches 1-8 correspond to DC outputs 1-8. Normal 9V
operation is with the switch in the “DOWN” position.

3. AC power input jack. This is a standard “IEC-type” connector.

4. Power indicator. This LED indicates the Pedal Power system unit is operating.

5. DC output jacks (7). Each output provides 9 volts of isolated, filtered and regulated DC power for your pedal effects.

6. SAG controls. Controls to vary the voltage from 4-9V.

7. AC out. Used to power AC Pedals ONLY! Connecting non AC pedals to this output can damage pedals and void your warranty.

The ModTone Power Plant has seven DC output jacks and one AC output jack.

Included with your Power Plant are power cables. You will find seven cables with black barrel connectors (5.5x2.1mm), one cable with a 3.5mm mini plug,
one cable with a battery clip, and one red cable designed for the AC output.

Standard polarity from most pedal manufacturers is “center negative.”

The black barrel connectors supplied with the Power Plant are “center negative,” and will work with many common pedal brands.

You must be sure of the
polarity of your pedals before using the Power Plant to assure that you do no damage to the pedal.

The 3.5mm mini plug is designed to be used with pedals needing 1/8” type of adapter.

The standard polarity of the mini plug is “tip positive.”

sure you’ve checked the polarity of your pedal before hooking it up to cause no damage to the pedal.

If you have a pedal that has no power jack at all, use the included battery clip to connect it to the pedal where the battery once hooked in,
this will
allow that pedal to work with the Power Plant too.

The red AC cable is designed to work with the AC output on the Power Plant. This cable should be used only with this output or damage may occur.
With AC power there is no polarity.

Make sure you never hook a pedal requiring DC power up to the AC outlet.

This action will cause irreparable damage
to the pedal, the Power Plant or both.

On the back of the Power Plant you will find eight small switches, one for each

output on the unit. These switches control the voltage of each output. You will find that most pedals require 9v power.

When the DIP switches are in the
DOWN position, they are set to deliver 9v of output on all 7 of the DC channels.

If you have a pedal that requires 12vdc, you will use outputs 1-5 with the DIP switches in the up position.

These 5 outputs deliver 12vdc when the
switches are up.

The same cables can be used, but be sure to check that the
pedal that needs 12vdc is “center negative” so it will not damage your pedal.

In the event that you may have a pedal that needs either 18vdc or

24vdc, you can purchase a “Y” cable to use 2 channels in conjunction.

This is
possible because all of the outputs are isolated, and therefore can be combined to become the two outputs added together.

Be sure to check the polarity of
your pedals so you can match it and not damage your pedal.

SAG Outputs

When the DIP switches are flipped up on outputs 6-7, it activates the SAG control.

When the DIP switch is up it allows you to adjust the output voltage from

4v-9v to emulate a dying battery. Running a pedal on low voltage will not harm the pedal in any way.
If you have no use for this feature, leave the DIP switch
in the down position, and it will output 9vdc no matter what.

AC Output

The eighth output on the side of the Power Plant is the AC output. This output can only be hooked up to pedals which require AC power.
Hooking any other
pedal up to this output will result in irreparable damage to that pedal.
This output
produces 9vAC no matter what DIP position the switch is in.

Input: IEC connector

120V 60Hz (North America)

100V 60Hz (Japan)

230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Australia)

Outputs: 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors center negative

Seven 9VDC 150mA regulated

One 9V AC 1000mA regulated

Five selectable from 9V-12V DC

Two adjustable sag 4V to 9V DC

Short circuit protected

Physical: 7 1/4” wide x 3.5” deep x 2.0” tall

Weight 2.25 lbs.

Special: Toroidal power transformer.

Auxiliary AC outlet, 200 watts max.

Product Videos

Pedaltrain PT2 assembly demo with Modtone Powerplant & Bullet Cable DIY pedal kit (09:53)
The Pedal Train PT-2 assembled with a Mod Tone Power Plant and Bulletcable D.I.Y. pedalboard wiring kit. Done for both my own entertainment, and yours. I used my Luther Drive with LOUD mod, (contact me if ya want one!), a Klon Centaur, a Fulltone Supatrem, an Electro Harmonix Memory Toy, a Plum Crazy FX SQUAWK, and an Analogman Chorus pedal for the setup of the board. The Pedaltrain boards are the best, for neat, clean, easy setup. The Modtone Power Plant is the best, because, well...it just is! And the Bullet Cable DIY kits are so easy to assemble, you'll wonder why you didn't choose them sooner!
  • Pedaltrain PT2...
    The Pedal Train PT-2 assembled with a Mod Tone Power Plant and...

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