Mojo Hand FX Clementine

Was: SGD 209.00
Now: SGD 104.50
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Just like its fruity ancestor, the Clementine can do two things:  envelope your notes in that classic, sweet-sultany-squish, or... give your rig a mean kick in the grapes with just the right amount of grit.

Two controls: an external Volume knob and an internal Bias trim-pot.  Set the bias to your ideal blend of squish and juice, then crank the volume and let your imagination flow.  Of course, the Clementine comes with all the standard Mojo Hand FX features such as true bypass switching, bright LED, 9v DC jack and high quality die-cast enclosure.  

Whether you're a Comp Nut or not, the Clementine will surprise with its sweetness and shock you with its simplicity.  Come get some squeeze!

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