Muztek MST-10 Stage Pedal Tuner

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Muztek MST-10 is a professional stage pedal tuner and it is equipped with 3PDT switch to make it absolutely true bypass.
If you are losing signal strength from your long cable which runs from the guitar to the pedal, you can switch it to buffer bypass to restore the original signal from the guitar.

In this case MST-10 will act as a clean buffer when it is in the bypass mode.

Sound will be mute when tuning in true bypass mode and sound will ring out when it is in buffer bypass mode.



1. Scale: 12 note equal tempered (Chromatic)
2. Meter: CENT Display
3. Tuning Range: A0 ~ C8
4. Calibration: A=437Hz ~ 445Hz, with 1 Hz step
5. Flat tuning: 0~7 semitone~dropped tuning
6. Accuracy: +/- 1cent
7. Power Supply: one 9V battery(6F22) or DC adaptor
8. Dimensions: 113 x 80 x 52mm
9. Weight: 320g(including battery)