Swing MG-105 BK

Was: SGD 350.00
Now: SGD 262.50
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The Swing MG-105 is a high value for money super strat electric guitar meant for players wanting to rock it out! Indonesian Mahogany instead of Basswood Body adds superiority in the clarity. Coupled with the SWING DualMax H-H set, you will get powerful tones.


The highly versatile set of SWING DualMax H-H set will provide you with tonality as you play a range of genres, from Rock to metal, this guitar can handle them all. Solid feel and weight of the Indonesian mahogany lets you know this guitar isnt kidding around. Many other makers use basswood as an alternative to justify its pricing instead.  5-way Selector Switch1 Tone and 1 volume ajustments allowing you to get the precise sound you want.


Indian Rosewood fingerboard & Hard Maple Neck provides a warm and a rounded spectrum. 


Bolt on neck with a contoured neck heel for smooth and easy access up to the 24th frett!


Good craftsmanship and finishing, locking machineheads for stable tuning and great whammy bar action!


Hardware such as the Pickups, bridge and switches are manufactured in Korea! Beautiful finish brings out the purity of the tone and sound.


The Swing Prestigous Headstock with a sharper and sleeker profile to the classic strat build. Whether you're a beginner starting your journey or an intermediate player, you will find that the Swing MG-105 is a great piece to play your music on.