Tesla Opus-2 Pickups

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This is another product in our fine line of premium pickups; the OPUS line by TESLA that we believe to be “Better than Hand-Wound”.
The OPUS-2 Is a single coil pickup for the artist, the connoisseur of players that seeks the ultimate in sound re-production!  The sound produced is the typical single coil sound that one looks for when playing softly, yet powerful and extremely clean.  Your guitar will come alive again with this Phat style pickup!
The OPUS-2 features a set of two pickups, for the neck and bridge positions, each coil is wound in opposing directions to cancel out the disturbing hum that is normally associated with similar pickups. Together as a set these two pickups act like a humbucker!  To let you fully enjoy the true quality of sound!  True Tonal Perfection!
The OPUS-2 pickup is carefully made with American made plain enamel copper wire and Alnico 5 magnets. A chrome plated cover, braided shielded wire. The coils are wax potted for stabilization to insure the complete, clean reproduction of sound.
The pickup is equipped with 2 leads that give the player many tonal possibilities.


Neck & Bridge Pickup Set. (Individual Pickup available for purchase at $95 each)