Tesla VR-2 Pickups

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The VR-2 pickup captures the smooth vintage sounds and eliminates the harsh midrange tones that are normally associated with similar vintage style pickups.

Designed after the vintage humbucker, the VR-2 pickup is carefully made with heavy Formvar copper wire and bar type Alnico 5 magnets. The coils are wax potted for stabilization to insure the complete, clean reproduction of sound.

Equipped with 4 wire leads that give the player endless tonal possibilities.


Neck & Bridge Pickup Set. (Individual Pickup available for purchase at $85 each)





Position Neck Middle Bridge
D.C.Resistance 7.2 Kohm    8.8  Kohm
Resonant Peak  7.8  kHz             6.9    kHz
Spacing 50  mm            52    mm
Output level  Mid     Mid-High
Type Dual Coil
Copper Wire Heavy Formvar
Magnet Alnico 5(Bar)
Tone Chart Graph
4-Conductor Wire Red-Hot
White & Black-Center
Green & Shield-Ground
Pickup Color Gold, Chrome
Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Pop, Country


Gold & Chrome Colors Available