VFE Distortion3 - Versatile Distortion / Overdrive

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One of the tricks of some big brands is to use the same circuit board to create "different" effects by changing 1 or 2 components. The Distortion3 gives you all those tones in one box. With an added filter control to tame the fizziness of high-gain settings, and dual 3-way clipping switches, this pedal goes from a smooth & mild overdrive to full-on distortion box with ease. This is also the most transparent distortion in VFE's lineup, preserving the character of your gear & guitar.


DRIVE: Controls the amount of gain/distortion

FILTER: Controls the treble response of the circuit.

LEVEL: Controls the overall output volume.

MODE: Selects between 3 very different hard clipping options. G = 1N34a germanium diodes, S = 1N914 silicon diodes, L = Diode Lift

FIDELITY: Selects between the vintage lo-fi 741 op amp or modern hi-fi OPA2134 op amp.

OD: Selects the type of soft clipping, A = Asymmetrical, M = Mosfet, center = none


The internal DIP switch has two positions. One changes the L mode to use 5mm red LEDs, and the other boosts the pre-gain bass response.


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