WAMPLER Abasi Pathos - Tosin Abasi Distortion Pedal

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A Distortion as Versatile as You Are

Good distortion tone means different things to different players, and the Abasi Pathos distortion pedal is designed to appeal to the needs of versatile guitarists everywhere. Designed by Tosin Abasi and Brian Wampler, the Pathos distortion pedal's Smooth and Edge voicing options give you two distinct flavors of drive. Whether you want a crunchy attack, impressive sustain, full-blown distortion, or other drive effects, the Abasi Pathos delivers. And its 3-band EQ gives you the tonal control you need to fit into any mix. Packed with premium components and optimized for sonic flexibility, the Abasi Pathos may be the only overdrive pedal you need on your pedalboard.

Abasi Pathos Distortion Pedal Features:

Created by Tosin Abasi and Brian Wampler
Designed to capture the feel of playing an American-style tube amplifier
Ideal for adding drive to a clean amp or boosting a dirty amp — or even placed in front of a modeler
Smooth and Edge voicings give you 2 distinct styles of distortion to build your tone
3-band EQ with 2 shelving bands and a Mid control for powerful tone shaping
Top-mounted jacks make it more convenient to squeeze onto your pedalboard
Relay-based true bypass switching with a soft-touch footswitch