Wampler Faux Analog Echo Delay

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Everybody likes a good echo pedal... however, this is one of the best delay pedals I've ever heard! I've been tweaking this design for quite some time in order to get it "just right". The unique "tone" control will control the tonality of the echoes making it possible to get a warm analog tone or a fat tape echo tone.

The analogecho is the EXACT same pedal as used by many famous guitar players, including Brad Paisley, James Burton, and many others.

Note: no modulation on this pedal, if you want modulation check out the faux tape echo which is the same delay circuitry but added modulation. We use the same chip that most boutique delays use, the pt2399. This allows the dry path and core signal to remain completely unaltered and only use the chip to make a digital replication of the echoes. Then, the echoes get converted back to analog and eq'd to sound more like a cross between an analog delay and a tape echo.


• High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response

• Completely true bypass

• Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)

• Sparkle Fire orange in color, white knobs/graphics

• Ultra-bright LED for ease of use

• 4 controls - echo level, repeats, tone, and delay time

• Does NOT mess with your basic guitar tone like so many other delay pedals

• Analog warmth/tape echo tones

• About 600ms of delay time available

• Powder coated durable finish

• 2.5" x 4.5" in size

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