Wampler Hot Wired V2

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I have been working with Brent Mason for a while. If you haven't heard of him, I'm sure you've heard him.
He plays on almost everything you hear on the radio in the country music world, tons of TV, commercials, and movies as well.
He's one of the most recorded guitarists in history and is huge in the studio world.

He and I have been working through tons and tons of different overdrive and distortion pedal circuits to get to this point - the point where he plugs in, looks at me and says "OH YEAH! THIS IS IT!!!".

The One. For Brent, The pedal that sounds and reacts to touch better than anything available today.

Brent Mason, Nashville’s #1 session musician, is the tone behind the Hot Wired Overdrive Distortion. Designed to give Brent everything he needed, the Wampler Hot Wired makes single coils shine and sound like never before. This dual channeled tone-machine is capable of subtle drive to piercing distortion and sounds great in front of any amp. Each channel feature Volume, Drive and Tone and a toggle. Channel 1’s toggle is a 3 position switch; center - no bass, left - medium bass boost and right heavy bass boost. Channel 2’s toggle is a 2 position switch for boosting the bass also.

Channel 1 on the Wampler Hot Wired was designed to be a dirty/clean boost perfect for adding a little character or an all out punch to your tone. Channel 2 provides anywhere from smooth overdrive to singing distortion. Combining the two channels together makes for some killer lead tones that are full and sustained.  


Wampler Hot Wired Overdrive Distortion

Channel 1: Vol, Drive and Tone w/3-way Switch for Added Bass Boost (none, med, high)

Channel 2: Vol, Drive and Tone w/2-way Switch for Added Bass Boost (some,more)

Combine the Channels for full, sustained tone

True Bypass

Standard 9v DC operation or Battery


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