Wampler Triple Wreck

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The Triple Wreck is probably one of the tightest, thickest highest gain distortions you have ever heard… Many people have told us that it sounds more like a 5150® amp to them than a distortion pedal, that may very well be – All we can say is that we designed it to just be an ass kicking distortion pedal, heavier than everything else, meaner than everything else, and it is.

With a solid three band EQ (you can scoop out those mids without it peaking out the lows and highs like so many other pedals) you can emulate some of your favorite high gain tones – but, as this pedal is so versatile you can easily find a distinctive tone all of your own.

There are two distinct voices in the Triple Wreck, Hard and Brutal. The Hard gives you that warmer thump high gain whereas the Brutal allows a little more sparkle to creep in, giving it that more recent, full audio spectrum feel.

So, we’ve already put in loads of gain, maybe more than you need, so let’s stick in a boost switch. What? Putting a boost switch on an already high gain pedal may sound crazy but you’ll be amazed at how well it works. It gives you two options via the Boost Contour blend control. With the boost on and it dialed round to counter-clockwise, your distortion is multiplied and you have the solo sound you have always wanted. Pinch harmonics are just there, in places you’ve never found them before. With it dialed round to clockwise, your pedal turns into a fuzzy monster… Tweak the EQ and you can get tone that will remind you of the Smashing Pumpkins right round to some Pink Floyd kind of fuzzy solo tone. It’s all there, waiting for you.

Think about your favorite high gain tone. Is it a high gain with the mids scooped out, or is it roll your hand across the knobs to get that in your face, fuzzy, brutal attitude-melting distortion. Whatever you are looking for, the Triple Wreck is probably the only pedal on the market that can satisfy all of those options. This pedal should come with a public health warning.

1 Review

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    Wampler Pedals Triple Wreach

    Posted by Mitch Boo on 1st Nov 2011

    I think this pedal should name "HOLY s*** Super Gain". This thing is a good gain and it is by far the best pedal, no need to use EQ, no need Noise Gate and it is Raging Pure Gain Clean. Turn gain to 12 o'clock is enough for heavy metal. 1 to 2 o'clock will be death metal. The boost part is mainly to sound more cream to crunch. I tried making it a overdrive by only 9 o'clock gain on the Red Overdrive of my Tube Head, it works fine.
    By the way, it is not a Toy.

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