Weehbo Morbid Drive High Gain Distortion

SGD 360.00
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The MORBID DRIVE is a versatile low/medium to high gain distortion.

You can get a wide range of different sounds only by switching between the two gain voicing options RHYTHM/LEAD. Although the MORBID DRIVE is primarily a powerful high gain distortion, the gain reaches from softer overdrive sounds to stronger and harder overdrive sounds up to modern high gain distortion sounds with enough gain beyond good and evil.

With the special active 4-band equalizer, it's possible to create a powerful distortion sound without fuzzy, screaming highs, even if the amplifier is set to crystal clean - no more compromises between a good clean sound and a kick-ass distortion!

The toggle switch allows you to chose between different midranges. If your guitar sounds too muddy, just throw the MID FREQ switch to cut through the mix!


  • GAIN: controls the amount of distortion, from soft overdrive to high gain distortion
  • BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, DEPTH: active 4-band equalizer to cut/boost the frequencies, MIDDLE-knob with neutral middle setting, DEPTH-knob controls low mids (ca. 100Hz), equalizer in combination with the MID FREQ switch is a very powerful tool
  • LEVEL: controls the overall volume
  • MID FREQ: sets the band width of the MIDDLE-knob: low mid (center), mid (left), high mid (right)
  • DYNAMIC: internal supply voltage: 9V (left), 18V (right)
  • RHYTHM/LEAD: toggles between two different gain voicings, from soft treble to fat, strong bass


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