Tesla AS-2 Pickups

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The TESLA AS-2 is another single strat type humbucker that features Alnico V pole piece magnets and plain enamel copper wire.

The AS-2 is a medium high powered pickup that was especially designed to be a companion to the AS-1!

The sounds of the As-2 will satisfy players that enjoy a sharper yet also delicate sound in the neck and middle positions! Together with an AS-1 in the bridge position an ideal marriage of traditional good playing sounds!

Mount them on your original pickguard, forget any modifications to your body, these pickups will work for you by giving you the output, the sounds, the cleanliness, the noise cancelling, without the slightest of problems.

Our newly designed super efficient preamp features a power consumption of only 90 micro amperes. That means your 9 volt battery will last approximately 6,000 hours, Which translates to that on a guitar that is using three AS-1 or AS-2 pickups, you play 5 hours a day and the battery will last one entire year!



Resonant Peak           5.4 kHz
Spacing          52 mm
Output level  Mid-High  
Type Dual Coil
Copper Wire Plain Enamel
Magnet Alnico 5(Polepieces)
Battery Life 6000 Hours
Current Consumption  90 Microamps
Tone Chart AS-1
4-Conductor Wire Red-DC 9volt
White & Black-Hot
Green & Shield-Ground
Pickup Color Black
Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Pop, Country, Metal