Tesla Plasma-2 Pickups

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If you are after a heavy sound with hot and powerful tones, the Plasma-2 pickup is for you! Equipped with an unheard of 23.5kOhm direct current resistance, that gives you powerful highs, a boosted mid-range and an enhanced bottom.

Plasma-2 pickups are carefully made with a polyurethane coated copper wire, Alnico 5 bar type magnets. The coils are wax potted for stabilization to insure the complete, clean reproduction of sound. Quiet when needed, the Plasma-II is encased in a full metal jacket!

Equipped with 4 wire leads that give the player endless tonal possibilities.


Position Neck Middle Bridge
D.C.Resistance 16.7 Kohm         23.5  Kohm
Resonant Peak  4.9  kHz           3.9    kHz
Spacing 50  mm           52    mm
Output level  Mid-High   High
Type Dual Coil
Copper Wire Polyurethane
Magnet Alnico 5(Bar)
Tone Chart Graph
4-Conductor Wire Red-Hot
White & Black-Center
Green & Shield-Ground
Pickup Color Gold, Chrome
Rock, Metal, Pop