M.Tyler Guitars MTD-700 CEQ w/ L.R. Baggs EAS VTC Acoustic Guitar

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Now: SGD 840.00
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The MTD Series is designed by M.Tyler Singapore to provide the best of both sound and appearance. Balancing between quality and price range, M.Tyler Guitars is the choice.

Solid Sitka Spruce combined with Solid Mahogany carries a Warm and full Mellow tone from the nature of its wood. Bright trebles and a punchy bass for a lively signature. Perfectly great for strumming and fingerstyle guitarists. Built with a cutaway, it allows guitarist to reach for the high notes when playing solo.

This Series is constructed with the best grade wood tones for the ultimate tonality & quality sound. Gloss finish gives a prestige look to your guitar.

In addition, this guitar allows you to plug into amplifier if you need it for jamming or performance!

LR Baggs Element Active System VTC - Unlike typical undersaddle acoustic guitar pickups that are dependent on string compression for their sound, the Element was engineered to mirror the soundboard’s actual movement as you play. At the heart of the pickup, a flexible film sensor only 2 thousandths of an inch thick picks up the guitar’s most delicate nuances. Tracking the motion of the top rather than a direct string attack suppresses “quack” caused by compression and unlocks the Element’s unrivaled dynamic range.

Size: Dreadnought
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Side: Mahogany
Back: Solid Mahogany
Machine Head: Die Cast
Finishing: Gloss
Pickup: LR Baggs SON EAS VTC