Tesla Opus-1 Pickups Neck Black / CR

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The dream of every guitar player who seeks the ultimate sound is our OPUS-1 pickup!  The OPUS line of pickups feature our latest innovation in pickup manufacturing, producing a pickup that we proudly present as the pickup that is “Better than hand-wound”, the pickup that is TESLA wound!!

Performance, Precision, Sound and Tonal re-production are perfected because of our intensive research and our dedication to perfection!

The OPUS-1 features lows that are warm and well defined; the mid-range is smooth and delicate, highs that are clear and sharp but not too bright, power where and when you need it!

The OPUS-1 is carefully made with plain enamel copper wire and type Alnico 5 magnets.  The coils are wax potted for stabilization to insure the complete, clean reproduction of sound.

Equipped with 4 wire leads that give the player endless tonal possibilities.


Chrome(shown on top) Gold(Neck) no stock, Zebra and Black (Black Bridge & Chrome Bridge. no stock) colours at $110 each.





Position Neck Middle Bridge
D.C.Resistance 7.3 Kohm        8.0  Kohm
Resonant Peak  7.2  kHz          7.0    kHz
Resonant Peak (Covered) 7.8  kHz       7.5    kHz
Spacing  50  mm            50    mm
Output level  Mid   Mid-High
Type Dual Coil
Copper Wire Plain Enamel
Magnet Alnico 5(Bar)
Tone Chart Opus 1 Chart
4-Conductor Wire Red-Hot
White & Black-Center
Green & Shield-Ground
With Cover Gold, Chrome
Without Cover Black, Zebra
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Blues, Country

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