Hex HU40 Natural Concert Ukulele

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Now: SGD 159.20
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Hex HU40 offers quality ukulele at the most reasonable price. Great for players who love to hear the wood tone of the ukulele. 

Although concert size body ukuleles are the most preferred ones, unlike the usual concert-sized ukulele, slim body width and narrow waist shape was designed in this ukulele. It has a unique shape with a slightly wider width. This has the advantage of giving you a more comfortable feeling when you play with your fingers or strumming with a pick. Wood used for this uklele is Trembeis. Spruce bracing is designed to increase durability and provide a well-balanced sound that does not deviate to a specific range of tone.

Hex uses quality wood tone & workmanship.

Size: Concert
Top: Indonesian Trembeis
Side & Back: Indonesian Trembeis
Machine Head: Open Type
Finishing: Open Pore