Swing Ukulele S-11 Soprano

Was: SGD 119.00
Now: SGD 89.25
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The Swing Guitars powerhouse has now emerge as a formidable contender for the best Ukeleles at affordable prices! Introducing the S-11 (Soprano Sized) Ukelele, built with great wood tones and parts -Bone Nut & Saddles. Perfect for beginners in Singapore looking for a high quality piece to encourage you to master this instrument or Seasoned players looking for a recording quality piece.


Crafted from high grade Sapele Top, Sides & Back for that creamy warm Hawaiian tones and balanced voicing. Proper cut fretts lined the rosewood fingerboard with inlays! Bone Nut & Saddles for great sustain!


Open pore finish enables the body to vibrate freely without restrictions allowing for a better sound. Black ply body binding to package up this fantastic Uke!


The Swing S-11 - belt out your favourite tunes and enjoy your new musical journey today!


Gorgeous padded case with your package!