Eddy Finn EF-20-S Full Solid Soprano Ukulele

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Now: SGD 140.00
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The Eddy Finn line of premium ukuleles bring fine craftsmanship and exotic woods from all around the globe to produce not only superior sounding ukes but also unbelievable eye candy! Each hand built piece is crafted to tonal perfection, and every one has a song just waiting to be played. Pick up an Eddy Finn and it’s like a blast of warm sea air hitting your senses.

Full Solid Mahogany Top, Sides and Back brings a warmth and smooth characteristics to this Uke. Premium parts used such as Bone Nut & Saddle.

Properly cut frets and Rosewood fingerboard, Abalone Binding with Rosette to make this a beauty to watch and hear! 

On top of that, Black body binding with a sheen of lacquer finish for a classic look, the intricate grains of the mahogany shines through!

"Why buy an Eddy Finn uke?- Think of it this way, “any old uke” is something you buy, but an Eddy Finn?...

...well, that is something you keep!"