EST Full Mahogany Premium w/ Artec Edge-Z Preamp (Full solid)

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Now: SGD 449.50
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EST Guitars was founded by SV Guitars in 2011. Incorporating our customers' preferences and deep research, we drew inspiration from what we ourselves love as musicians!
Each guitar is hand crafted by our luthiers with love, soul and passion to obtain unsurpassed quality and amazing tone. Always improving, always amazing.

The EST Mahogany Deluxe is a full solid guitar, made with premium woods and Artec Edge-Z to make it a guitar that is hard to beat.


Full Solid Mahogany Top, sides & back to give you the richest bright and sweet tone.


Exquisite Pearl Inlays on Rosewood Fingerboard. 


Equipped with the Trusted Artec Edge-Z(Made in Korea) to ensure you get a great sound On stage as well!


Buffed down to an Satin finish, the resonance is rich and the woodgrain shines beautifully.


A beauty to behold. EST Guitars - Handcrafted with Love!