UNO LP Standard Red Tiger Electric Guitar

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One of our hottest selling range of hard rocking double hum-buckers axe, the UNO Red Tiger has establish itself as a quality and well crafted Single Cut electric for players looking for vintage, rock sound. 
Mahogany Body + Quilted Maple top for rich tones!

Mahogany provides a full bodied sound with great tonality in the highs, mids and great lows end punch. The Quilted Maple top brings forth a bright punch to the mix. Many other makers use basswood as an alternative to justify its pricing instead. It is serious in providing authentic tone for players. 3-way Selector Switch, 2 Tone and 2 volume adjustments allowing you to get the precise sound you want.

Ebony Fingerboard & Mahogany Neck provides a warm and a rounded spectrum. A great combination with Mahogany.Trapezoid Pearl Inlay giving it its classic look.

Flawless Set neck joints this beauty up. Cutaway for easy access to the upper frets!

Hardware such as the Stop tail, electronics and parts are well build to withstand all the strains of your performances! Beautiful finish brings out the purity of the tone and sound.

Not to forget, Tesla Uno Custom Pickups have that raw power for you to unleash it potential!

For Players looking for a beauty that sounds like a beast, look no further!

Body: Mahogany
Top: Quilted Maple
Neck Joint: Set-In
Pickups: Tesla UNO Custom Humbuckers
Toggle: 3 Ways
Controls: 2 Tone, 2 Volume